The creation of AERDIESEL Company was a result the experience that we gathered over the years, since the beginning we have been one of fastest growing pumps manufacturer in Konya, we’ve established a reputation as a strong competitor and we continue our way to set new benchmarks for quality, efficiency and service.

Guided by the company spirit: "Only the best and the best only” and thanks to our factory capacity, flexibility and efficiency, we continue to offer world-class service and delivery.

We had always one goal in mind is to guarantee our customers an innovative product with high quality performance.

Our ability to achieve our goal is due to:

Our team:

At AERDIESEL our team demonstrates their wellness and their commitment to give the customers the satisfaction that they deserve.

Due to good flow of communication, our technicians experiences and our engineers skills we can be sure about getting it well done.

This values, transparency, and responsibilities allows our team to collaborate with more enthusiasm and produce great results.

Our technology:

Basing on CNC and molding technology our product are manufactured to be conform to the original standards and specifications. Our aim is to continue our research and development to improve our product offerings to better meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our strengths:

Healthy Work Environment

cost saving

shortening delivery time

Faster quotes

Custom logistics solutions