To meet our customers’ demands and expects concerning with before and after sales with the best and the most convenient style, to ongoing developing our company,to increase our competitiveness power and market portion.

In order to reach our aims:

• Customer satisfaction is the basic element for us. Thus, we should care and attention to the demands, suggestions, ideas of our customers.

• We should control all our activities and should watch the effectiveness of activities.

• Quality should be the first priority condition among our activities.

• Our employees should work according to the defined plans and rules.

• All type of wastages and decrements should be prevented.

• In order to be on foot against the getting changed condition, we know that we have to be good about the quality.

• As AERDIESEL, we constantly have to improve the information and consciousness level of our employees.

• During our activities, we should show the necessary sensitivities about protection of environment.

• We must follow up the technological innovations and we should transduct to the innovation on time.

• To supply the quality, we have to be in collaboration with purveyors.

• We should ensure that our employees work with eagerly and voluntarily for “quality”; we have to inoculate the consciousness of ‘’quality is all our duty and liability’’ to our employees.

• The next worker should be accepted as customer and everybody should be in mentality as transferring his product which is produced himself to the next worker without any error and at one jerk.

• Everybody has responsibility behaviours against the customers in AERDIESEL