Our products are devoloped with a simple philosophy in mind: Innovation.

Using sophisticated machinery and the benefit of decades of experience, we have the capability to create innovative solutions that face the daily challenge, our highly qualified engineers and technicians investigate and develop product innovations and technologies in order to improve the key features such as quality, Accuracy, completeness

At AERDIESEL, molding technology are set-up to allow flexible production, ensuring customer high products precisions, our target is not only to meet our customers request regarding products and processes, but we also fulfill the economic aspect.

  • Collaborative design engineering and R&D
  • High-performance conception' simulation and tests
  • Continuous development work on all pumps ranges
  • Short-term delivery worldwide
  • Spare parts availability guaranteed for decades
  • Stock keeping of best sales pumps
  • supply chain management
  • Visual Inspection' Deflect Reporting